My First Gig on Thumbtack!

Woohoo! I successfully booked my very first gig on Thumbtack! If you don't know what Thumbtack is, I suggest you definitely check it out if you are a freelancer in any field or if you are going to be taking on a new home project, are looking for a tutor, a photographer, even a make up artist. Thumbtack uses a credit system for freelancers to send quotes to potential clients in hopes they get picked to do the task at hand. Only five freelancers have a chance to quote the request before it gets locked out to other professionals in your area. 


I've been using Thumbtack on and off for my photography business for the past few years, however I have never been successful at actually getting a booking through their site. Professionals who use Thumbtack must pay for Credits in order to send a quote for a request and often times the quote will go un-viewed by the potential client or the client will simply open the quote, not view your profile, and not send you a reply; which has been the case for me on so many occasions. 


Recently, Thumbtack started sending me notifications for (Free Quotes) meaning, I don't have to pay to send the potential client a message; I took advantage of every Free Quote I received a notification for, except for the drone photography requests and after a few follow up messages I finally started to receive a few responses back. I fortunately booked a real estate shoot as well as a couple portrait session! 


The real estate agent who booked a session with me over Thumbtack works for Keller Williams Realty. Susan C. was friendly and understanding when she couldn't pay for our session with credit card. Before our session, I brought her a contract as well as an invoice to keep for her personal records. All contracts were signed and payment was received before we proceeded with the shoot; I included same-day photo delivery as a first time client promotion and she was ecstatic. After I finished shooting I talked with Susan and the home-owner about my editing process, showed them a few images, and finally said our "See you later's." 


I have finished editing this breathtaking home and Susan is so happy with the turn out of the photos. I am so happy I could provide her with beautiful photos for brochures, websites, posters, and social media accounts to help sell this gorgeous home as quickly as possible. 


After this experience with Thumbtack, I have gained a new repeat client and I will absolutely continue to try and book through Thumbtack in the future; I may even consider paying for some more credits. Please view some of my favorite photos from this session below and contact me for inquires, questions, and comments. I'd love to hear your feedback! 




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