Airbnb in Palm Springs Photoshoot! 🌴

December 8, 2016


Hello, hello - it is a new day and I hope everyone is having a great one so far!

I'm very excited to get to share this with a new platform. I'm new to blogging and I know I don't have a large audience on here, (yet!) however I am going to write my little heart out because I got to photograph a property for Airbnb! This home has over 206 reviews on the app (it has a lot of eye traffic) and, I'm hoping with my photographs, even more business for the very sweet home-owner, mother, and wife, Victoria. 


I don't post to Craigslist often, however, it is something I use to search for props, lightly used house-hold items, locations for photoshoots, and the occasional gig. Probably once a month I will create an ad to post when I feel I need some more business or I want to get creative and do some for trade shoots. At first, I was afraid I would get contacted by a bunch of weirdos but I'm mostly just getting random phone calls from numbers who don't leave voicemails or the people on the other end don't ever follow up with you after the first contact despite many attempts on my part. It isn't all bad though because the few people who have been contacting me more recently have followed through all the way up until after our shoots. 


Last week, I was contacted by Victoria a homeowner who rents her property through Airbnb in North Palm Springs. I have shot rental properties, homes for sale, apartments and condos before, but I knew I would get to have a little more artistic freedom while photographing this beautiful home. When it comes to a space that is for rent on short term (a few nights to a week, typically) I think it's really important to not only emphasize the space in the home, but also the personal details, the amenities, and the views; I love showcasing the luxury in homes such as this gorgeous modern mid-century style rental. The angles give the home more dimension, more visual appeal, and the soft colors provide an elegant accent to our vibrant surroundings. 


Recently, the idea of sending thank-you notes with a print of my favorite image from the shoot to my clients occurred to me. Connecting long-term with people isn't something I have always been good at, but I am trying to maintain stronger relationships with those around me and with the ones who invest in my business.  As a freelancer, repeat business is a large part of your clientele, well that and referrals, but it's about bringing the referrals back for more! So, like any other business you have to keep grabbing their attention, keep them looking. Hence, why I am starting a blog, trying to maintain my website with up-to-date information and photographs because I need to do more to promote my business and myself. 


I can't wait for more positive feedback! 





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