Model Collaboration w/ Daniela

March 21, 2017


As a creator, sometimes it gets tiresome if you do not exercise your ideas and work on your art daily. I sometimes feel I am not creating as many images that I would like to, for myself. Typically, when coordinating a shoot I have my client's ideas and perspectives in mind because I want them to cherish these photographs for a lifetime. Recently, I am trying to figure out if I want to focus on fewer groups and more models, seniors, and couples. I love capturing emotion and intimacy in the most innocent way, through the eyes and the real smiles shared between two people.  I have been learning more and more about fashion and fine art styles of photography and I really wanted to work with someone who didn't have any expectations as to what this set of photos would turn out to. 

Despite the fact that I have crippling anxiety and most days struggle with creating something so simple as an Instagram caption or even just a reply to a family member/close friend, I decided to reach out to a Facebook group I had joined designed to connect creatives in southern California such as photographers, models, hair and make up artists, graphic designers, stylists, etc. In my post, to this very large group, I included photographs that I wanted to copy in styling, a link to my website, Instagram, details of what I am looking for in a model, and location information. Within minutes, my Facebook was flooded with notifications from my post; I couldn't keep up with how many messages and comments I was receiving but eventually after picking through the people who, clearly didn't read the full details, I was put in contact with some models who had some experience to some who have been published in magazines. 


I selected a model named Daniela who works as a little kid birthday party impersonator, she mostly dresses up as princesses and other Disney characters and attends these parties basically as an actor for whomever she is that day. 


We went to 2 separate locations, one was along a slightly busy side street near my home and the other is a park in the Ironwood neighborhood in Palm Desert. Below are the images we created together. Thanks for reading! 

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