Wyman Drive Beauty

July 21, 2017

I've always been a sucker for pops of color and clean lines, which is probably why I truly love Palm Springs so much. Today I got to shoot a home that was retro, rustic, and minimalistic; it was by far one of my favorite properties. I've been lucky enough to photograph yet another beautiful property on Wyman Drive in Palm Springs, CA. Every home on this street is white with a pop of green, blue, orange, and even wood paneling! Beautiful angled windows are used throughout the homes to accentuate the mountains and Palm Trees that reach the skies. 


Below are some quick shots I grabbed at the end of my shoot before closing the blinds, turning off the lights, and locking the doors behind me. Let me know what you think in the comments!

It was a bummer that the window is smudged, but check out that green! I especially love the texture and detail added by the painted wood paneling.

I obsessed over the personal Palm Springs touches added by the home-owner: Palm Springs photo history book, a welcome and instruction guide of the location/home, and lastly a cute lil guest book for renters to sign their names in! So sweet, right?!

Angled windows & unnecessarily large lights are simple ways to make a space look more appealing!

Ceiling hung accent lights are a great way to add depth and separation in a large, open room.

Simple, colorful decor really help showcase a room that is beautiful on it's own. These chandeliers are my favorite and are great for rooms with a lot of natural light.

Seriously, these home-owners are so considerate of their guests. They've provided all the basic essentials to a perfect get-away in sunny Palm Springs!

Wallpaper isn't always a good thing, but in this master bedroom, it's the absolute best thing! It adds artistic element to the minimized space without making the room feel cluttered.

It was SO hot during the morning of this shoot and, I'm not gonna lie, I definitely debated jumping into the pool and driving home soaking wet with my windows down. Now that I am reminiscing on the thought, I'm regretting that I didn't do it! 


Have you ever been to Palm Springs? What's your favorite neighborhood for dawn/dusk strolls? Do you have a favorite type of architecture and interior design?


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