Looking Back on 2017

January 19, 2018

I know this post is probably a little late, but picking favorite images is, honestly, so hard for me to do. 2017 was a long year of ups and downs for me, so much so, that its kind of just a blur in my head. I worked with some incredible people and made some great new forever friends. Without my clients, I wouldn't be where I am today and I am so appreciative of every opportunity I receive. 


2017 was also the year of a lot of learning. I am by no means perfect, but I am feeling more inspired and more like myself everyday that I have the opportunity to learn, explore + create. I'm redefining my photography because for a long while, I lost my vision; I forgot why I wanted to be a photographer in the first place. I stopped thinking of concepts, I relied on my clients for a majority of my sessions, and its time for me to take control back over the artwork I create. To overcome this anxiety, I am looking at my old work and critiquing myself on what needs to be improved, I will not give up on an image until it is a mastered piece of art, I am actively looking for new inspirations, and, most importantly, I am going to use my vision to make every shoot exactly what I think it should be. Clients come to you for YOUR passion, your talented little eye that you've worked hard for. So stop worrying about messing up and start focusing on what you know is going to work and never stop practicing! 


Below are some new edits of photographs taken in 2017 re-edited for direction I am trying to head in 2018! Enjoy. 


















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