Super Bloom in Palm Springs

January 21, 2018

If you've never been to Palm Springs, I highly recommend coming mid-winter through mid-spring; I would say all of spring, but it gets rather warm early in the year and it can be unpleasant for taking pictures in. If you're up for the challenge of shooting in 110+ degree weather and can also find someone willing to pose in it, then Palm Springs is picturesque year round! However, during the transition from winter to spring this glorious desert gets even dreamier! (YES, it is possible!) It's all due to what we desert-folk called the SUPER BLOOM. 


The desert always blooms after rainfall, but there is definitely something a little different about this bloom: it takes over and paints the entire valley. I know Palm Springs is an inspiring, lively, + colorful place no matter what time of year, but I feel it is so incredibly special to watch all the new life flourish among the desert landscaping during this time of year. Currently, it's also what us locals call "snowbird season," so be prepared for a lot of traffic, busy shops/restaurants, and a fair share of tourists. If I'm being honest, as a photographer I feel like an obnoxious tourist more times than not, anyway, so I fit right in here. 


One of my goals in 2018, is to do more creative shoots; I want to bring story telling back into my photography because I feel for the past few years I've been taking photographs of what I think other people expect from me, rather than what I actually want to create. So, I'm taking the reins back, people are hiring me for my vision + I need to remember they are doing so because they trust my passion (me! thank you!). My heart is feeling more full every single day because of these realizations + I am so grateful for everyone in my life. 


My first creative session of the year was with my gorgeous + supportive AF friend, Rachel. Our adventure started the way any great one would: we broke the law! We didn't do anything terrible, we only j-walked, but I am such a scaredy cat! We laughed and frolicked through the flowers until the sun set; super great day for the books (obvi why I am blogging it). Anyway, check out what we created below + check out her insta: @squawk_squawk.











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