A Cat in the Grass is a Tiger in the Jungle

January 31, 2018

As many of my family, friends, and clients know I have two grey fur babies who fill me with love + joy every single day. I grew up mostly with dogs but I was always curious so I had many different types of animals in my life: fish, mice, rats, hamsters, cats, birds, turtles, tortoises, and toads. Although, when I moved out from home I knew exactly what animal I wanted: A KITTY! 


Piper was an abandoned nine month old kitten found in Coachella by my friend, Myranda; she posted to Twitter about finding the kitten and I fell in love with her soft grey coat and gorgeous green eyes. Immediately, I told Myranda that I would be delighted to take her and asked where we could meet up. Upon meeting at the La Quinta Fire Station, Piper was so sweet and very accepting, right away. A few months later, I picked up another kitten, but this time a three month old from the shelter, Zoom. 


Zoom is now almost 3 years old, he is a massive, sweet, jealous, cuddling master Maine Coon fur ball; he waits form me at the door when I leave and is constantly acting rambunctiously and begging for any type of attention he can get... but this post isn't about him. My female kitty, Piper, is a vocal, sassy, jump-in-your-lap four year old Domestic Short Hair; she often drags, whatever toy she has, in her mouth, all the while meowing at me to play with her when in reality she wants to be held. She is calm most of the time but also loves to get a little crazy, normally while I am working on images but also, now, as I write this post. 


Piper occasionally will cough up your average hair ball, but recently she was throwing up up to three times in a span of a couple hours. Her food is the same that it's been for years, I clean the water bowl and litter daily so I didn't know what it could be. I did some research on the internet and called some veterinarians who recommended that I supervise her eating to make sure she stays calm and chews all of her food. A lot of feedback was also to stop free-feeding, so I did and now I measure out the portions. 


Obviously, cat grass is supposed to be good for cats so my mom helped me plant some and Piper loves it so much! It's been a few weeks so the planter is full and luscious, so much in fact that Piper crawled into it today. The pictures I got are so cute so I wanted to share them with you all here! Hope they melt your heart the way they do to me. 😍


Photography Gear + Settings


SIGMA ART 35MM f/1.4

ISO800 | f/3.2 | 1/200 SHUTTER

Edited in Lightroom by me - no preset or pre-made filters applied











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