Elsie's Newborn Session

April 26, 2018


Hi friends! 


It's been a while since I've composed and published a blog - that I haven't deleted after posting - but I am so excited to be able to share this new set of images. I captured my very first in-home newborn session! This session literally fell into my lap and I had to jump at the opportunity, not only because I had been wanting to photograph a session like this for so long but because the timing and setting could not have been more perfect. 


I've been photographing properties here and there for four years, however it has picked up to an average of ten properties a month for over a year now and while it may not be my favorite thing to photograph, it is an amazing way to meet new people... and that's how I met Tina, Jeremy, + Elsie. I scheduled a property session with a long-time client and friend; now, normally when I go to a property, the home owner isn't there but that, obviously, wasn't the case here because Tina + Jeremy just had their baby girl, Elsie!


I went about my job, working with the interior designer, Jeff, to achieve the shots he envisioned for the space he had so elegantly decorated. Towards the end of my session with Jeff + Steve, I asked to speak to Steve (realtor) for a moment. I hate over stepping my boundaries with other people's clients so I kindly told him my idea and asked if I could offer my services to the new family. He was happy to let me do so! 


When I went back inside to speak with Tina, I told her I was a big believer that opportunities present themselves for a reason and I've been wanting to photograph an in-home newborn session; she excitedly cut me off and said, "Well, we've been looking for a photographer!" I whipped out my Instagram and showed her my lifestyle work and they were so on board! As soon as I got home I created a Pinterest board with photographs I wanted to re-create as well as multiple clothing options for the family. Tina + Jeremy went shopping on Saturday to achieve the perfect look suited to them as a couple. 


Normally, I wouldn't agree to matchy-matchy clothing, but in the space and the idea of them being new parents who just want a nice lazy Sunday with their baby girl calls for some cheesiness, right? Tina + Jeremy were such a joy to work with, they made sure everything was prepared before my arrival. I walked them through my plan/flow of images I wanted to create to give them an extra idea of how I expected the session to go that way there's not so much jumbling around because my brain does that enough for all of us! 


We created some serious magic together and it would mean so much to me if you looked at this collection. It's seriously some of my best work, yet. I can't wait to create more precious memories for my clients to cherish and love as much as I do. Let me know in the comments what you think about in-home sessions - would you ever do one in your space? 






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